We are nerds on a mission

here to make the internet a more functional, beautiful place


What you see, what you hold, what your users interact with on their laptop or their phone, all of these things make lasting impressions and are critical to building and maintaining your relationships. Our artists care about the detail, about the feeling, and bring that attention to the little things to every project we take on. You should feel good about your website and everything else about your brand. We’re here to help.



The internet has changed so much since its birth in the 90s, and we’ve been here for all of it. We remember building for users who were surfing on 56k connections, using browsers like Netscape Navigator and AOL. As times and technology changed, we grew with the internet, expanding our skills to tables, then frames, then CSS and HTML5. At each step, the visual options and trends of the day broadened, making it easier to express ourselves and help our clients make an impact.



Your website is your brand, it has to speak to the soul and purpose of your business, nonprofit, or to your identity as an individual or creator. We love working with our clients to discover what makes them unique, what exciting things they bring to the world, and how best to communicate that.


Built to Work

Your website has to do more than look pretty: it has to work. We know what users expect, how they like to navigate, where the common pain points are when it comes to conversions and engagement. Our sites are a joy to use, however you intend to use them.

Security Focused

Protecting your website and your users is not optional. We design with malicious actors in mind, because any website can be the victim of a random attack on today’s internet, and waiting until the first hack happens is an avoidable mistake.

Experimental and Audacious

If you’re looking for something out of the box, we’re ready to take the leap with you! Our backgrounds in UX and UI, graphic design, online security and more put us in a position to help you take big visual risks for big user impact.

Meet the Talents

Our most stylish homegrown talents on their passions


Anna Geoffroy

Designing as Q.G. Pennyworth

Anna focuses on digital art and layouts, with a special passion for logo design. Her personal work includes an extensive portfolio of digital collage and creative typography. Collaborating with clients to uncover their personal aesthetic is her favorite part of the job.


Robert Tortora

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Designing as Dustbunny Rob

Rob’s focus is on web design, working collaboratively with clients to make sites that are functional and fun. His personal art mixes digital design with traditional media, drawing on influences as diverse as glitch and pop art to surrealist and cubist classics.


Gregg Housh

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The Internet Old Guard

Gregg has been building websites since the mid 90s, with a strong focus in security. His experience and technical expertise have been invaluable in helping steer clients away towards solutions that will remain functional and in style for the long haul.