Project Description

Veterans Anonymous is a nonprofit with ambitious goals and a strong domain that needed complete branding services and web design

The Website


Veterans Anonymous was gifted two critical things as it was getting off the ground: the content from Veterans Authority, an information portal for vets; and the domain from that website, This was a great springboard to start with, but brought along some challenges as well. We knew any website on a domain with that name would need to be immediately distinct — both in visuals and in content — from any government website or other charity service to protect the ownership of that domain. It also needed to look nothing like the former site on that domain.

The Logo

VA logo with text is a powerful domain name, but it’s also something that could be confused for other services if we weren’t very deliberate with our design. After researching other designs in the space (there’s plenty of logos out there that combine two letters) and tossing around some early drafts, we decided on a rectangle with the conjoined letters removed. They loved it, but asked if we could add more color, and the tri-stripe design was born.

The Business Card

A striking, rectangular logo makes it really easy to pick a back design for a business card, but that still leaves the front to deal with. We needed something that clearly communicated all of the relevant information (name, title, contact info, etc.) without breaking the look. Rather than filling the bottom row, we chose to stack the email and phone on the left, and didn’t bother with icons to indicate either. On the right, we added the label “website” in italics to keep the balance. Finally, we added a touch of color by incorporating the yellow bar used on the website for some titles as a divider between the name and title. The solid charcoal version of the logo with text keeps the front nice and clean, letting the back do all the attention grabbing.

The Documents

Big ambition requires clear communication, both within an organization and to the outside world. The first document we put together for Veterans Anonymous was their Strategic Plan for the first year, outlining their vision of the services they could provide to the vets and what it would take to get there. We also created an internal style guide document, to help new volunteers and staff maintain the strong visual brand of the nonprofit moving forward.