Sometimes a problem comes up that doesn’t have a simple out-of-the-box solution, requiring custom development work. We’re no fans of reinventing the wheel, but we’re also not afraid of rolling our sleeves up and doing some heavy lifting in code. Here are just some of the ways that we work with clients to develop custom solutions.

Plugin Modification and Development

For clients who have their needs well met by WordPress with one or two minor issues, often the best move is to look at plugins to fill the gaps. Where a plugin is close to the right fit but just needs a little tweaking, we work directly with the original development team to expand the functionality to cover our use case. This helps our clients by reducing dev expenses, and helps the greater WordPress community by strengthening the available resources. When there is no good fit on the market yet, we develop from scratch.

Complete Custom Laravel Development

When your website needs to do more, we’re ready to take the leap with you. We choose to do the majority of our custom work in Laravel for a number of reasons: it’s scalable, it’s easy to debug and develop, and there’s a huge community supporting it. Our most recent project involved putting together a custom niche social networking site, including building out dashboards and community management tools that will work as well for ten users as it does for a million. Building with growth in mind takes a little more effort, but the end result is that your users won’t have to deal with an irritating growing pains period as the site development struggles to catch up with the new user load.

The possibilities don’t end there, of course. Custom development is all about hearing what problems you’re trying to solve, and coming up with the right answers. If you’re interested in talking about custom development, drop us a line and let’s see what we can cook up together!